Reasons Why You Should Hire A Marijuana Attorney

Posted on: 18 February 2022

Although most states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana, there are other states where it is still illegal. You can be arrested and charged with using or dispensing marijuana privately or publicly. Marijuana possession is a severe offense with various consequences, such as jail time and hefty fines. A guilty marijuana verdict can also tarnish your reputation, leading to loss of employment, and it also reduces your chance of acquiring better employment in the future. However, you can avert these consequences by hiring a competent marijuana attorney. The lawyer will aid in your case and establish a strong defense to prove your innocence. Here are various reasons why you should employ a competent marijuana lawyer:

They Have the Legal Qualifications and Experience

Marijuana possession cases have many collateral consequences not depicted in the criminal case. For instance, you may lose your driver's license when convicted of marijuana possession in some states. An inexperienced attorney may advise you to plead guilty and pay the court fines without considering these collateral consequences. In contrast, an experienced marijuana attorney understands these cases' legal requirements and will use their knowledge to defend your claim. These attorneys also know the local laws, which can benefit your case since each state has different marijuana laws. 

They Can Have the Charges Dropped 

Most narcotic charges, including marijuana possession, are dependent on whether the evidence was legally acquired. Although most cases are usually not dismissed before trial, a marijuana attorney can file a motion to suppress evidence, especially if they have proof that it was acquired illegally. The attorney will then demonstrate that the police conducted an illegal search to obtain the evidence, which is grounds for dismissal. Similarly, an experienced marijuana possessions attorney can discuss the case's legal issues with the prosecuting attorney and convince them to withdraw the motion without heading to court. Thus, hiring a marijuana attorney can save you from a lengthy and anxious trial. 

They Will Build a Strong Defense

Marijuana possession cases require the defendant to answer the prosecutor's allegations. The court requires the defendant to build a solid defense to demonstrate that the accusations against them are false. Failing to acquire competent representation early gives the prosecutor more time to make their case. As such, hiring a marijuana attorney immediately after you are accused of possessing marijuana is essential since it gives the lawyers adequate time to formulate a defense. The attorney's knowledge of case law and the legal procedures involved helps them establish a strong defense and gather sufficient evidence before the trial.