Tips For Avoiding DUI During Oktoberfest

Posted on: 16 August 2016

Oktoberfest, a beer-drinking festival traditionally celebrated in the fall in Germany, is nowadays celebrated by millions of people in the U.S. Given that alcohol is part and parcel of Oktoberfest festivities, attendees can easily get stopped for driving under the influence on their way home after the party. If you are planning to attend Oktoberfest, take these precautions so that you don't drink and drive:

Have a Designated Driver

Oktoberfest may be a beer-themed festival, but it's not just about drinking alcohol; there are other activities you can enjoy. Here are some popular activities everybody, including teetotalers, can enjoy in a typical American Oktoberfest:

  • Parades based on regional costumes
  • Food feasts
  • Live German music
  • Races with different themes

The point is that you can have a designated driver who won't drink (wonderful if they are a teetotaler), and they will still enjoy the festivities. That way the designated driver can drive you home without you worrying about DUI charges.

Check into a Nearby Hotel

If you plan to attend an Oktoberfest far from your home, get to the city and check into a nearby hotel so that you can take a taxi to your room after the festivities. Since other people may be having the same idea, it's best to book a room early enough. In fact, you can even leave your car at home and use public transport to the venue; this option is especially attractive if your friends aren't free to attend the festival with you.

Don't Drink In Your Car

If you do take your car to the festivities, it's best to restrict the drinking to the festival grounds. Taking cans of beer with you isn't a bad idea, as long as they remain closed on your way back home or to your hotel room. For one, some states have open container laws, which prohibit motorists from having open cans or unsealed bottles of alcohol in their cars. Secondly, you can be charged with DUI even if you are parked by the roadside as long as the authorities deem that you are in control of the car or were about to drive at the time of your arrest. Therefore, parking somewhere to drink can still get you in trouble.

If you do get arrested for DUI, the best thing you can do for your defense is to hire a DUI attorney. With the attorney's intricate knowledge of DUI laws and local prosecutors, you stand a better chance of succeeding than if you go at it alone.