Drink Spiking Can Lead To Surprise Dui Charges, Use These Tips To Avoid It

Posted on: 2 August 2016

Drink spiking, where someone adulterates your nonalcoholic drink with alcohol, can lead to charges of driving under the influence (DUI). You may be a victim of drink spiking by those who wish to steal from you, assault you, or prank you. At first, you may not even realize you are drunk; you may only realize it when you get stopped for erratic driving and failing the sobriety tests. With that in mind, take these precautions the next time you are at a party where alcohol is being served, and you are drinking a nonalcoholic beverage:

Open Your Drinks Alone

For bottled drinks, don't drink anything you haven't opened yourself. Alternatively, make it a point to observe every time someone is opening a drink for you. Don't forget that it only takes a second for your drink to be mixed with alcohol. If you must accept a drink from another person, accompany them to the bar, and open the bottle yourself.

Watch Out For Each Other

If you are accompanied by at least one other friend, keep an eye out for each other until the party ends. It is best to stick together, but this can work even if you are not sitting at the same table. For example, your companion may be able to spot someone switching your glass when you are not looking since perpetrators of the vice often choose such moments to act.

Never Leave Your Drink Unattended

Leaving your drink unattended is the easiest way to get it spiked. Therefore, keep an eye out for your drinks at all times. For example, gulp down your drink before going to the bathroom. If you can't do that, open a new bottle when you come back to the table. Have your drink in your hand even if you are just standing at the counter chatting with another person.

Don't Share Drinks

Also, it's a good idea to stay off other people's drinks, even if they seem to be drinking the same stuff as you. It might be that the owner of the drink doesn't want other people to know that they are taking alcohol and are using the non-alcoholic drink container just for show. It might even be that their drink has been spiked. In short, you can only be certain of what you are drinking.

Hopefully, the above precautions will help you to avoid ever taking a spiked drink. Merely telling the authorities that your drink was spiked won't get you out of the hook if you are charged with DUI. Get the assistance of a DUI attorney for a professional defense.

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