Four Tips For Getting Information From Witnesses During An Accident

Posted on: 19 May 2016

There is a vehicle accident somewhere in the world every 60 seconds, according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. Knowing this, there is a good chance you or someone you know may end up in a car accident at some point or another in your lifetime. There is often a lot of commotion going on at the scene of a car accident, but you want to make sure that the details of the car accident do not get overshadowed. Once the people in the vehicles are safe, it is important to gather any witnesses to the scene. This will help you gather all the facts of the accident should you need it later for a claim or lawsuit. Here are some tips for how to handle witnesses in a car accident. 

Make Quick Moves

Once everyone is safe, you want to gather any witnesses to the accident. Because people retain memories at different intervals, you want to make sure you are able to gather all information about the accident right away before they forget what they saw. A police officer should be on site at the accident very shortly and he can help gather information from the witnesses. Be sure to direct the officer to anyone who saw what happened. 

Get Their Personal Information

While a person may have seen the accident occur, it does not mean they have time to stick around and recount the details. If they need to leave, make sure you get their personal information so you or your lawyer can call them when you need a recount of the details from their perspective. You will need their email address, mailing address, and name. This is especially important when you have been injured during the accident and the insurance company is fighting the claim. 

Place an Ad

If you struggled to get witnesses when the accident occurred, there are other ways to get the information you are looking for. Placing an ad in the local newspaper locating anyone who saw it occur can help bring out some people who were passing by when it happened. Just because they did not stop when the accident occurred, it does not mean they will not come forward if needed. Make sure you put your contact information or your lawyer's information in the ad. 

Gather Non-Human Witnesses

While getting the views of a witness from someone who is at the scene of the accident is important, there are other ways to get information about the accident. Non-human witnesses can also be extremely helpful and may include traffic cameras, surveillance videos, and even ATM cameras. These can be vital in getting information that others may not have seen. 

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