Guilty Of A DUI? Understand How To Protect Your Future

Posted on: 17 May 2016

Life is all about learning from your mistakes. If you made a poor choice and got behind the wheel while under the influence, you should take responsibility for your actions. However, this does not mean you have to settle for an overly harsh or unjust sentence. If you are guilty of a DUI, make sure you have an attorney on your side.

What's At Stake?

There is a somewhat common misconception that jail sentences and expensive fines are reserved for those convicted of a DUI where injuries are present or for a repeat offense. A first-time offender without representation and poor direction can end up behind bars or paying a hefty fine. Having an attorney on your side will ensure that your punishment is comparable to the crime you're guilty of.


It's a fact that everyone will face their fair share of stress in life. What's not promised is that each person will be equipped to deal with the stress in a constructive manner. For some people who find themselves facing a DUI charge, a lackluster attitude regarding the safety of others isn't to blame. A dependence on a substance that may help them manage stress and other issues in their life is the root of the problem.

An attorney can help get you admitted into a counseling program, instead of a jail sentence, which is what you need for both short-term and long-term success going forward. In most cases, your commitment to rehabilitation will work in your favor.

Driver's License Suspension

A driver's license suspension is a common consequence. For any person with professional and personal obligations, this type of sentence can cause a serious hardship in many ways, but most importantly, financially. While it is relatively common to have your license suspended immediately after an arrest for DUI, an attorney can help ensure this temporary condition doesn't turn into something long-term.

In many instances, this involves proving to the court that you are no longer drinking in any capacity and that you are taking responsibility for your actions and leniency, both of which an attorney can effectively communicate to the prosecution and judge.

While the actions that led to your arrest are important, the actions you take during your case is equally important when it comes to your outcome. Although you must stand up and take responsibility for your actions, your attorney will ensure you are provided with a path to move forward.